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Top Stories by Jessica Qiu

Recently, we skillfully handled an industry project to import a great amount of data from file to Oracle in comparatively short time. At the beginning, we tried to import the data with the sqlldr of Oracle, only to find it is surprisingly time-consuming to load a great amount of data: Too slow if 2.5 hours have to be spent to import a table containing 80 million records. Later, by adopting the parallel import of sqlldr, the time is shortened to 0.8 hour. Here are the full details: Train of thoughts Split the data file to import into 10 shares. Then, with the multi-task parallelism, execute the sqlldr command for the corresponding shares. Needless to say, prepare the control files of the same amount. Then, multiple clients will start to import data to database all at the same time. Please note these two things: 1. The way to generate multiple sqlldr commands and corr... (more)

Upcoming esProc Features with Ease of Use

The upcoming esProc, an innovative data computation and data analytics software, will be launched soon within this month. According to Raqsoft, the industry leading data handling software provider, this product features with ease of use. esProc provides a grid user interface similar to Excel which enables users to perform codes in a grid from left to right and top to bottom. This way of operation conforms to users' thinking mode and reduces the difficulty to learn. Besides, the cell-style code not only makes the code neat and clean, but also offers users a visual way to organize ... (more)

Data Environments Support of esProc Makes Statistical Computing More Flexible

Enterprises always have various data sources, for instance, CRM system may use SQL Server, sales reports adopt Excel, ERP applies Oracle database. When it comes to actual business analysis, enterprises usually need to conduct interactive computation, including filter, group, etc among various data environments. But data Interaction between multiple data sources are not easy to realize with some traditional statistical computing tools. In order to solve such kind of problems, esProc which adapts to various data environments comes into being. Support of various data sources is an... (more)

Issue of Reporting Development in Different Databases

Recently a development team met some difficulties in data source computation when developing iReport reports. After the use of esProc for cross database computation, the problem is resolved. This is a project payment progress report, as part of a project management system. It's based on an Oracle database. The reports needs to present the project name, payment amount, contract value, payment progress (in percentage), and name of the project manager, etc., for all ongoing projects. Amount these the first 3 items contributes to the difficulties met by the development team. Note t... (more)

Script Computation of esProc Optimizes Analysts' Benefits

Through a serial of news and articles released in the last few weeks, analysts may have already know some advantages of esProc, including ease of use, friendly interface, strong computing ability etc. Besides the previously introduced highlights, the core of script computing should not be neglected. esProc is high capable script for business statistical computing. Different from some other script applications, esProc delivers more advances. The script codes of esProc are easy to learn and use since they are short but understandable. Some of its script computation capabilities are ... (more)